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USTIGERS Tae Kwon Do CenterĄ¯s children program is divided into 3 main groups.
The mini tiger group (3-5 years old), little tigers group (5-8 years old) and junior tiger group (8-15).

Our programs are designed to focus on the skill of self-defense, the importance of self-improvement and the value of mental/physical fitness. Here at USTIGERS, thru very effective time tested teaching methods, our instructors will teach children many different aspects of Tae Kwon Do. Using specialized exercises, children are taught balancing and coordination skills. Thru the efficient methods of forms/kata, children are taught focusing and concentration skills. And thru punching and kicking techniques, children are taught self-defense and sparring skills, which will provide them with more self confidence.

Tae Kwon Do program at USTIGERS is both mentally and physically stimulating because of the variety of physical exercises and age-appropriate activities. Our belt promotion system will improve childrenĄ¯s self-esteem and inspire a can do attitude in them. ChildrenĄ¯s assertiveness in school classes will improve as a result of our Tae Kwon Do training. Thru simple exercises and routines, our instructors will strive to teach discipline, patience, and respect to all the children. As a result, we hope to make a difference in academic, social and personal changes of your child.

USTIGERSĄ¯ adult program is designed to optimize physical strength, stamina, flexibility, coordination and balance. Simply, itĄ¯s very similar to our childrenĄ¯s program with more focus given to progressive stretching and cardiovascular exercises. Every individual student will get something different out of our training. One thing that all the adult students will get out of our training is the mental aspect of Tae Kwon Do. All the students will learn to manage their hectic work schedule and stress by disciplining their body and mind. Trial classes are also available for the adult classes.

Come in and find out what you can get from Tae Kwon Do training.