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Instead of day care...

When you want to find a fun & exciting alternative to day care...


Transportation provided to and from school for before and after school activities. It's simple. Just drop off your child here in the morning for before care and pick them up from here after their after school program.

... child will have fun

self esteem self worth

Before care - organize school materials before departing. We will drop your child at school after spending some quality morning time with them. We will help them finish off the homework, sit down for some breakfast, and prepare their minds for another important school day before dropping them off at their schools.

confidence in front of groups, make friends & spend time with friends, do homework with staff available to help.
USTigers take great pride in teaching students not only the martial arts skills but also the life skills. USTigers will prepare young students for the upcoming challenges they will face in their lives.

CONFIDENCE, RESPECT, FITNESS, FOCUS. These are the building blocks of our Before & After School programs. But in order to inspire these values in our students, we provide that all important mortar - FUN!!

USTigers offers a safe and enriching environment where, through TaeKwonDo, children develop physically, mentally and socially. We take great pride in not only teaching martial arts skills but also life lessons - lessons that will prepare our young students for the upcoming challenges in there lives.

In out after school program, student will have daily TaeKwonDo lessons mixed with activities designed to promote cardiovascular health. However, a strong body cannot exist without a strong mind. Homework time is provided to reinforce the education received in school and mental focus is a primary goal of every class.

Of course learning and self-improvement is taught under the guise of having fun.
The TaeKwonDo classes are varied.